Charlottesville District Heart Havens Housing Project. The Charlottesville District United Methodist Churches are trying to raise $400,000 to build a Heart Havens housing apartment complex. Join Charlottesville District Mission Team and Heart Havens as we work together to move forward with providing housing for men and women with intellectual disabilities in the Charlottesville area. Want to get involved? Call the Charlottesville United Methodist District Office at (434) 977-4254! Make a donation!!!click here for more information

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 Charlottesville District Work Day
Westview on the James

1231 West View Road, Goochland, Va.
Saturday, May 6
Workers needed to prepare camp for summer
Men, Women, Youth, & Children Welcome!
To help, contact Linda Truslow by May 8
(434) 977-4254 or


Saturday, June 10th : 9:00am-12 noon and 3:00pm-6:00pm
Sunday, June 11th; 3:00pm-6:00pm
African Worship Conference
American Missionary to Africa Pauline Burthwick is coming to Charlottesville to share her testimony and the gospel message on June 10th and 11th. Join us for a time of praise, worship, prayer,preaching and food and fellowship. Pauline Burthwick’s messages will b in English and translated into Kinyamulenge and/or Swahili. All are invited.
Host Church- Aldersgate United Methodist Church  1500 Rio Road, Charlottesville, Virginia 22901  434-973-5806



Join The Spiritual Renewal Covenant

Spiritual Renewal CovenantClergy and laity are asked to join conference delegation and Bishop Cho in ‘spiritual renewal’ covenant. This covenant was originally signed by the Virginia delegation to the Southeastern Jurisdiction in support of Rev. Dr. Cho’s leadership throughout the episcopal process. We wish to continue this support of Bishop Cho as he begins his work with the Virginia Annual Conference. Please consider this commitment carefully, and, if you feel so led, add your name to this covenant and join us on this journey.

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All Things New – Equipping Vital Congregations

All Things New Equipping Vital Congregations Logo“All Things New – Equipping Vital Congregations” is a Virginia Conference initiative designed to implement the denomination’s “Vital Congregations” measurement system in a way that promotes collaboration, support and continued improvement among all conference churches. Aug. 1, 2013 – Hands-on training will be offered, beginning next week, for use of the new Equipping Vital Congregations data input and information system slated to go into effect Jan. 1, 2014.

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Wesley Foundation UVA

wesley-vision-imageHigher Education and Campus Ministry Highlights: Rev. Deborah Lewis has brought forth incredible leadership and vision to the Campus Ministry setting of UVA where she resides as the Director. Reverend Lewis began to vision where she wanted the ministry at UVA to be five to ten years from now. It is in this time of prayer and waiting on God that has led her to move towards a Capital Campaign where she and her board have raised over $600,000 to transform the space into a more modern, energy efficient, and welcoming space for the students of the Wesley Foundation of the UVA. Many of us will be seeing more news of this soon in various mailings and announcements. Also, Bishop Cho will be joining them on Saturday, April 11, 2015, for their 50-year celebration and the end of their Capital Campaign. (Their public announcement goes out next week but check out their amazing video now.

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Emanuel Youth Mission

Emanuel Youth MissionEmanuel Youth Mission began in July, 2005 when John Clarkson traveled to rural El Salvador with Marvin Benavides. John saw poverty like none he had ever seen before, with absolutely no resources to change that perpetual cycle. People lived in make shift one room homes with dirt floors, no electricity, no furniture, outdoor kitchens, very little food, perhaps an outhouse or some families used holes for bathrooms, living, working and farming like they had for centuries with no hope of anything different for their children. They could not afford to send their children to school. That November, John and Jonna Clarkson were moved by the Holy Spirit during outdoor Sunday school when those children kneeled in the dirt and prayed to Jesus, their Savior, El Salvador! Their faces lit up with the pure love and joy of knowing Jesus! How long would it be before that JOY turned into discouragement when they learned their lives held no future? The Clarksons were moved to connect the need in El Salvador with resources in Virginia. Marvin wanted to make a difference for his people. The vision for Emanuel Youth Mission began.

Emanuel Youth Mission Winter 2014 newsletter
Emanuel Youth Mission Fall 2014 Newsletter